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Sioux Falls Garbage and Recycling Service

What's Included in Our Sioux Falls Garbage Service Program

  • Lightweight trucks to keep wear and tear to a minimum

  • Will never drive on cement or asphalt driveways

  • Will pick up any surrounding garbage on property that did not make it in containers

  • Large sticks will be picked up when possible or notification sent

  • Will always return trash receptacles to garage, side or rear of house

  • Text or email notifications at each pick up to keep you aware of property condition

  • Always providing friendly service to tenants to represent you well

  • Will provide hand-outs to tenants, explaining proper garbage handling

  • Warning notifications to tenants, per your approval

  • 10% kick-back to you on all accounts from your tenants

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Sioux Falls Garbage and Recycling Services

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  • Service is available to Sioux Falls and Harrisburg property owners

  • Options: $24.76 + tax for a 65 gallon trash bin; $30.95 + tax for 95 gallon trash bin

  • All customers will be given a 95 gallon container for recycling to be picked up every other week

  • For locations needing multiple bins, please contact us for an estimate

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